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Lancaster-Area Abandoned Diner

The first image I saw of this diner was a c. 1970 slide from John Baeder when it was called Mike's. He thought it was a Silk City north of Zinn's Diner on Rt. 222. Researching for our book, we had little hope a diner this old had survived, but there it was, between Lancaster and Reading, near Adamstown. It had been remodeled and renamed Two Guys Diner. It soon changed to Rise 'n Shine, but never seemed to be open, then we heard rumors that the road was being widened and it had been moved.
In August 2001, Bill Plack Jr. called and Greg Young wrote to say that not only was it still there, but PennDOT workers had uncovered it and didn't know what to make of it, or do with it. These pictures are from a mid-September visit; each side has an opening (probably from a/c), and the back door is missing. Soon after, it was up for auction on eBay, but a bid of $1,000 did not meet the reserve. I'm told it's now gone....
Here are a couple nearby attractions: a golf/bowling complex south of Zinn's, and a motel across from Zinn's....


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