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Brian at drive-in theater - William Torek
Free Klondike slip - Jack McGee
Lincoln Highway
Photos page
Bill's place pennant - Cy Hosmer
Isaly's & Klondike
Media page
Men and women workers - William R. Isaly family
Reunion page
Cheryl McLaughlin and Lora Hershey
Signings page
Marie Doyle, Steve Oleksink
Store Pictures page
Bellaire, OH - Patty Drummond Jenkins
Chief Dairy, Upper Sandusky, OH - William R. Isaly family
Ellet (now Akron), OH - 1940s photo by R. Weyrick 1940s, both courtesy Gary Weyrick
Deerfield, OH - Mary Lu Rosier
Meadville, PA - Mr. Bennett
West of Meadville, PA - Kay Steere
Sweet William, Pittsburgh, PA - W. Don Jones
White Oak, PA - Thad Merriman
Wheeling, WV - Mr. & Mrs. Ralph McAfee
Roadside Giants
Bemidji Visitors & Convention Bureau


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