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Diners of Pennsylvania
by Brian Butko and Kevin Patrick
My second book was co-authored by Kevin Patrick, a professor of geography. He helped weave the history of factory-built diners with the changing cultural landscape, both in Pennsylvania and nationally.
Our goal was to move beyond the diner clichés: "gum cracking waitresses, gleaming stainless steel, hot cups a Joe." We love diners too, but there were enough books and articles waxing poetic about diner ambience. Meanwhile, obvious patterns of location, style, and foods were being ignored.
We looked at thousands of postcards, city directories, and factory records. Kevin drove all night sometimes to check on obscure diner listings. I made out-of-town trips to visit archives and collectors. The result is a comprehensive yet fun guide to hundreds of diners, though the patterns transcend the state.
Along with its cultural geography insights, the book has numerous maps and lists every operating diner, including the location, hours, and specialty as of publication. Yes, a few have changed already - giving you a chance to enjoy some new adventures on your next trip!
What could have been just an academic exercise in diner history and architecture is, instead, an engaging read with a great attitude.... The evidence of dense research is everywhere, but the writing is always clean, lucid and engaging."
Jim Gambaro, SCA Journal, Fall 2001

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