Diner-Rama 2001
Tours, talks, and cool displays could be found at Diner-Rama 2001, sponsored by the American Diner Museum, and headquartered for the weekend at the Pittsburgh Regional History Center.
Here are some photos of the event....
Me and Kevin Patrick courtesy of "Photo Girl" Linda Gottwald (that's her at the Yakkity Yak Diner).
Left, Jen Johnson with Chris Zinn of Zinn's Diner at North Apollo's Yakkity Yak Diner. Could you identify its barely-visible roofline in the upper right as a '50s O'Mahony?
Right, Laverne Yorkgitis at her Laverne's Diner, a '59 Silk City with a new ceiling due to a long-ago fire.
Left, Kevin and Daniel Zilka inside the Historical Society's mothballed Serro's/Willow Diner, a 1938 O'Mahony.
Right, Diner fan and researcher John Shoaf at the Park Classic Diner in Monroeville, a new Kullman.
Left, Paula Sacchi and Denise Bass at the original Ritter's Diner, a 1951 DeRaffele now resting at Station Square.
It's the first diner I recall seeing as a child in the early '70s.
Right, Greg Anderson, Frank Bruno, Pat Fodero, and Daniel Zilka at the Saturday night event.
The former Dick's Diner of McKeesport rests south of Blairsville,
still advertising (barely) "never closed."

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