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Winchester, Va. - apple country
Roadside Giants™
by Brian & Sarah Butko
We've stopped at them for years, sometimes for a photo or just to gaze. Buildings shaped like the products sold inside. Coffeepots. The Big Duck.
Then there are big signs shaped like the product made there, like the big baseball bat at Louisville Slugger. Statues of a man selling a muffler. Or the same kinda guy selling carpet.
There are great books and web sites available on large roadside attractions, but it can be cumbersome to organize the info when you're hitting the road. That's why we've written Roadside Giants, a glove compartment-size guide to some of the most interesting programmatic buildings and signs.
We give you directions and history for many of the well-known giants but also locate some amazing, often-overlooked finds. We also include lots of other information you'll want once you become addicted to visiting these places, as we think you will. They're a great reason to pull off the road and enjoy the scenery for a while.
"If you like huge hot dogs and dramatic dinosaurs, you'll love a new guidebook, Roadside Giants." ~ The Dallas Morning News
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Looming over the Landscape: An Introduction to Roadside Giants

1 The Big Duck

2 Tail o' the Pup

3 Muffler Men and Uniroyal Gals

4 Paisano Pete

5 Hat n' Boots Service Station

6 Baseball Bat and Glove

7 Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

8 Yes, Indiana, There is a Santa Claus

9 Brooks Catsup Bottle

10 Dueling Donuts

11 Albert the Bull

12 Pal's Sudden Service

13 Lucy the Elephant

14 The Blue Whale

15 Koontz Coffee Pot

16 Airplane Station

17 Uncle Sam

18 Wigwam Village No. 2

19 Longaberger's Baskets

20 Plain Folk

21 Westward Ho Covered Wagon

22 Twistee Treat Ice Cream Cones

23 Dinosaur Park

24 Shell-Shaped Station

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Top: Paul and Babe at Bemidji, Minn.; middle: A Muffler Man at Wilson's Carpet, beneath the Pulaski Skyway, Jersey City, N.J.; bottom: the lovingly restored Brooks Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, Illinois.


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