Lincoln Highway links

An overview of the road and the new Lincoln Highway Association
The Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor promotes and preserves the route through six Pennsylvania counties
A 1915 trip journal and LHA letter at the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer, Grand Island, Neb.
The Lincoln Highway National Museum & Archives in Galion, Ohio
Jeff Kitsko's exhaustive history of highways and their alignments
A nice summation of LH history by Richard F. Weingroff (click "Highway History on that page's upper right to see his dozens of other articles too).
Sandor Gulyas' Lincoln Highway trips, and a series of loaned photos from the early 1960s
Path of Progress National Heritage Tour Route: A 500+ mile national heritage tour route as well as a state heritage tour route which meanders through nine counties in southwestern Pennsylvania.
Doug Pappas' tribute to the Ship Hotel has 3 pages of images.
An amazingly detailed model of a cafe on the LH at Red Desert, Wyoming, by David Malcolm Rose
Good article on the 75th anniversary of another road, the Tamiami Trail in Florida.
Pittsburgh article about the 2003 Lincoln Highway Cross Country Anniversary Tour.
Lots of info about U.S. routes:
Colorado Highways History has info about roads in a state that many forget was part of the Lincoln Highway:
The Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum has info about the railroad at Donner Summit:
The National Cigar Corporation, Frankfort, Ind., produced a LH Cigar. The site has a cigar band pictured, similar to one in my Greetings book but this one has the company name on it.
View and purchase the "Lost Highways" reproduced c. 1924 auto trails poster:
The Yellowstone Trail was the first highway across the northern U.S. from Massachusetts to Washington.


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