Having the bibliography cut from my book to save space was perhaps the hardest sacrifice, so I'm especially glad to present it here. Following are most, though not all, of the articles, correspondence, documents, and interviews used for the book. The numerous closures and sales of Isaly's branches left only a faint trail of documentary evidence. Over a period of nine years, I was able to assemble a wide cross-section, but much of it is in archives or private collections, and therefore not in my possession. If you're publishing further research and you've used information from here, please credit this site or my book, Klondikes, Chipped Ham, & Skyscraper Cones: The Story of Isaly's by Brian Butko.

The materials are broken into eight sections:
1 Company and family materials
2 Author correspondence received
3 Interviews
4 Books
5 Official documents
6 Deaths, obituaries
7 Articles
8 Miscellaneous


1 Company and family materials

"Announcement of Group Insurnace Plan for New Employees," undated booklets.

"Isaly's Happenings," and "Isaly's Invades The Capitol," CMC Insider 3:2, April 1982.

"Plant Tour - Dutch Days, Hanover Plant, Orientation and Opening Remarks," July 26, 1985.

"The Isaly Reunion," a brief 1958 report by "The Committee," which was Anna Isaly Converse, Selma Isaly Mahon, Kenneth Acker, and Henry Isaly.

"The Sweet William Story," by John Wright, Director of Operations, from Sweet William Job Stations Procedures Manual.

"Touring One of the World's Most Modern Dairy Plants: Isaly's," describing Marion from the engine room and coal storage to the dairy laboratory and condensing pan.

AmBrit Inc. fiscal 1989 annual report, April 1989.

AmBrit Inc. third quarter report, ended Oct. 31, 1988.

Annual reports (The Isaly Co.), 1967, '69, '70, '71.

CFS [Clabir Food Services] Chronicle 1:1, March 1978; 1:5, July 1978; 1:6, Aug. 1978; 1:7, Sept. 1978; 1:8, Oct. 1978.

Clabir Corporation, Annual Reports for the 12 months ended Jan. 31, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1985, and 1988.

Company Policies, Oct. 1, 1965, a Pittsburgh branch employee handbook.

Correspondence from Fred J. Miller, franchise supervisor, to Mr. William J. Francis of Minerva, May 27, 1970, regarding discontinuance of Isaly's service. It's assumed similar letters were sent to other franchisees.

Correspondence regarding store purchase from A.D. Smith to R. Birckbichler, May 16, 1947; W. H. Paulo to Birckbichler, July 1, 1947; A.D. Smith to Birckbichler, July 5, 1947; and C.B.K. to Birckbichler, Feb. 7, 1949.

CRC employee newsletter, The Roving I 1:2, Nov. 1982

CRC Happenings 1:1, Sept. 1982.

Dec. 2, 1916, letter from Chester to Charles regarding capital stock of Marion company.

Developing the Present Store, a three page manuscript describing the process from an architectural viewpoint, believed to have been written c. 1936 by Isaly architect Vincent J. Schoeneman, who had offices on 4th Ave., Pittsburgh.

Empire of Carolina 1989 annual report, year ending Dec. 31, 1989.

Empire of Carolina Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders, May 16, 1990.

Historical Highlights, The Isaly Klondike Company, 1833 to 1980, c. 1980 company p.r. document.

Introducing Unilever 1995.

Introducing Unilever, English Version in U.S. Dollars, with Business Briefing, both 1999.

Isaly's 25th Anniversary, May 20, 1931 - May 20, 1956

Isaly's organizational chart from December 1968, showing seven reporting to president and treasurer William R. Isaly: director of purchasing Thomas Isaly; legal counsel Regis Gilboy; vice president administration John D. Isaly, director presonnel and industrial relations R.C. Lindberg; vice president production and route sales H. William Isaly; director of store sales George Krohe; and controller R.M. Eldridge.

Isaly/Klondike: New Clearwater Facility Fact Sheet, June 1982.

Letter from Chester C. Isaly to wife, Nov. 8 (no year), describing a hunting trip with John Bricker and father William.

Letter from Gaylord M. LaMond, president, to Frank Cunningham, April 11, 1977, announcing the sale of The Isaly Co. It's assumed this was a form letter sent to all franchisees, as Mr. Cunningham had passed away a year earlier.

Letter from Henry Isaly to Isaly's employees in the service, March 30, 1945.

Letter from John A. Martig III to Isaly directors, March 30, 1972.

Letter from John A. Martig III to Samuel D. Isaly, June 4, 1971.

Letter from Mansfield Pure Milk Co. to milk producers, May 11, 1908.

Letter from O.M. Goodloe, M.D., May 22, 1951, c.c. to William [R.] Isaly.

Letter from Samuel D. Isaly to shareholders, Jan. 23, 1970.

Letter from Samuel to Charles Isaly, July 7, 1917, stating that stock (presumably Marion) was selling for $143.48 per share.

Letter from Schlosser's Dairy manager C.F. Beardsley, June 6, 1938, on Schlosser's letterhead.

Letter from Walter Paulo to Mr. Isaly, July 15, 1946.

Letter from Walter Paulo to stockholders, Feb. 25, 1970.

Letter from William R. Isaly to Samuel D. Isaly [and likely all stockholders], Feb. 2, 1970.

Letter from William R. Isaly to stockholders, May 18, 1967.

Letter to all employees from G.C. Krohe, May 29, 1969.

Letters from family reunion committee, Aug. 6 and Sept. 9, 1958 [the reunion was Aug. 31].

Letters from H. William Isaly to shareholders, Feb. 26 and March 27, 1970.

Letters from Paulo, Isaly, and Rickard to stockholders, Dec. 22 and 27, 1969; Jan. 5, Jan. 23, and Feb. 16, 1970.

Letters from The Isaly Company to shareholders, Dec. 11, 1969; Feb. 20, 1970.

Map of the Isaly States U.S.A., c. 1940.

Mr. Walter H. Paulo, commemorative booklet from a party to honor him in August 1965 at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with Art Frank as toastmaster.

Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders, March 19, 1970, to be held.April 2, 1970.

Notice to all employees from C.G. Hatch, June 22, 1937.

Pipeline, Oct. 1992 (an employee newsletter of the Isaly Klondike Co.)

Plant Tour [Youngstown], c. 1939.

Press release for no earlier than Jan 3, 1967, noon, which was used in: "Isaly Company Involved In Merger Of 365 Dairy Stores," [Mansfield] News-Journal, Jan. 3, 1967; "Isaly Merges 4 Companies," The Pittsburgh Press, Jan. 3, 1967; "Four Isaly Firms Become One Company," unknown, Jan. 3, 1967; and "4 Isaly Firms Merged into Single Unit," The Youngstown Vindicator, Jan. 3, 1967.

Press release, biography of Henry W. Isaly, c. 1957.

Press release, May 23, 1985, announcing the opening of the Rancho Cucamonga plant and The Klondike Pacific division of The Isaly Company.

Price list, 18-pages, June 1, 1937, likely from Marion or Columbus.

Proforma consolidated balance sheet (as it may appear as of Dec. 31, 1969).

Prospectus mailer from Rooney, Pace Inc, June 17, 1983.

Retail Ice Cream Price List [Marion], effective April 1, 1920.

Reunion papers, 1983. Tom Isaly was in charge of arrangements; Patty Isaly Fulakis, genealogy; program, John Isaly; family tree, Ellen Isaly.

Store list from Marion, Oct. 1966, courtesy Clen Klinger, which contains 33 company and franchise stores, including 11 in Columbus.

Sweet William Training Manual, June 1972.

Tentative "Agreement" from December 1934 stipulating that Ackerman would not produce ice cream cabinets for anyone but Isaly's until the end of 1937.

The Isaly Co. Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders, May 18, 1984.

The Isaly Co. quarterly report, ended Oct. 31, 1981.

The Isaly Company annual reports, fiscal 1984, 1985.

The Isaly Company proxy statement, Aug. 9, 1985.

The Isaly Klondike Company: A Division of AmBrit Inc., The Company History: A Family Tradition.... Now a Corporate Success, period company p.r. document.

The Isaly Klondike Company: The Company History, A Family Tradition....Now a Corporate Success, internal history c. 1989.

Tour guides, "A Visit to [Pittsburgh] Isaly's Dairy Plant," Jan. 8, 1957, and 1960s.

Unilever 1994 Report to Employees.

Unilever 1995 Report to Employees.

Unilever 1996 Report to Employees, North America.

Unilever Annual Accounts 1999.

Unilever Annual Review 1996 and Summary Finacial Statement, English Version in Guilders.

Unilever Annual Review 1999 and Summary Finacial Statement, English Version in Pounds Sterling.

Unilever Annual Reviews 1994, 1996, 1999 (and supplements in U.S. dollars).

Unilever Charts 1989-1999.


2 Author correspondence received

Albert Howard, Sept. 14 and Oct. 10, 1996.

Amy E. Baldauf, Marion Public Library, Sept. 12, 1996; Jan. 30, 1997.

Angelo Doria, Sep. 23, Oct. 12, Nov. 5, 1996; July 16, 1997.

Art Isaly, Aug. 1, 2000.

Audrey Enders Heck, Oct. 19 and Nov. 18, 1996.

Barbara Linden, Dec. 16, 1996.

Beverly Taylor, February 1997.

Bonnie Sprankle, Feb. 8, 1997.

Chester Friebe, Jan. 23, Feb. 7, March 1 and 24, 1997.

Connie J. Graham, Sept. 3 and Oct. 3, 1996.

Dave Deschner, Sept. 10, 1996.

David W. Rotthoff, July 18, 1994; Aug. 12, 1994.

Don Flowers, March 22, 1993; July 8, 2000.

Dorothy Bricker, March 17, 1997.

Elizabeth A. Treiber, June 27, 1994.

Ernest Thode of Marietta, Ohio, genealogist and German translator.

Fae and Charles Robinson. Fae is the sister of Eleanor Groves, who still lives where Christian settled in Ohio. Their mother, Olive Isaly Nippert, was a great-granddaughter of Christian Isaly.

Fran Czernek, April 16, 1997.

Gerda Creelman, July 9 and Oct. 30, 1999.

Harold Bricker, Jan. 14, 1997.

Helen Isaly Billings, April 9, 1995.

Helen Kuehn, Jan. 7, 1997.

Herbert A. Witzgall, Dec. 3, 1996.

Jean Moon, Upper Sandusky Community Library, July 9, Oct. 3, Oct. 12, 1996.

Jill Mathieu, March 27, 1997.

Joan Lutz, July 30, 1999; Feb. 20, 2000.

John L. "Jake" Forbes, Jr., Dec. 5, 1996.

Joyce Flanigan, Jan. 26, 2000.

Joyce Link, March 18, 1997.

Joyce Stewart, May 26, 1994.

Judith Isaly, July 2, 1994.

Judy Hamel, Oct. 7, 1996.

Julia Clark, March 14, 1997.

Les Wagner, Jan. 3, 1997.

Margaret Isaly Herrmann, Jan. 10 and 20, April 20, Aug. 22, 1995; Nov. 25, 1996; Jan. 23 and 31, April 15, May 28, June 9, 1997.

Marie Stankiewicz, Sept. 30, 1996.

Marilyn L. Wozniak, Aug. 31. 1996.

Mary Agard, Aug. 26, 1996.

Mary Jo Chiodo, April 24, 1997.

Mrs. Hayes, July 31, 1997.

Myrna and Andy Lamont, Nov. 16, 1996.

Pamela Grell, Feb. 5 & 22, March 15, Sept. 23, 1996, Feb. 7 & March 24, 1997.

Patricia Case Lange, Oct. 3, 1996.

Phyllis Pellin, April 15 and 21, 1997.

Rev. Robert Bricker, March 28, 1997.

Rita Stewart, Oct. 8, 1996, and phone c

Robert Allison, June 16 and 27, 1994.

Robert Coyne, April 7, 1993.

Robert E. Atkinson, Oct. 16, 1996.

Robert E. Hinklin, July 14, 1997, Jan. 13, 1998.

Roger P. Denk, Ph.D., Aug. 5, 1996.

Rose Henchek, Sept. 3, 1996.

Roy E. Crawford, Dec. 27, 1996.

Russell Stevenson, June 10 and 28, 1994.

Ruth A. Stinnett, Jan. 9, 1997.

Ruth Semones, Dec. 6, 1996.

Ruth [Ormsby] Cunningham, Nov. 26, 1996; March 7, 1997.

Samuel D. Isaly, July 3, 1997.

Sandra L. Braucher Biltz, July 19 and Sept. 4, 1997.

Shirley (Frietchen) Boardman, May 2, 1997.

T.D. George, May 4 and 6, 1950.

Thomas J. Peck, Oct. 4, 1996.

Virginia A. Miller, Nov. 22, 1996.

Virginia Bigger, July 22, 1994.

Walter A. Stockert, Aug. 31, 1996.

William C. Pfleghar, Nov. 29 and Dec. 8, 1996.

William Francis, March 14, 1997.

William J. Willmot, Jan. 8, 1997.

William R. Isaly, June 16, 1997; July 21, 1997.

Wilma H. Belknap, March 10, 1997.


3 Interviews

Albert R. Ingram, Dec. 12, 1996.

Alex Sapyta, Sept. 22, 1994.

Art Frank, July 9, 1993.

Art Lewis, Aug. 5, 1994.

Ben Sapyta, Sept. 20, 1994.

Beverly Taylor, Jan. 29, 1999

Bill Andrews, April 30, 1996.

Bob Fischer, Dec. 28, 1996.

Bob Isaly, Sept. 19, 2000.

Bob Marchionda, April 30, 1997.

Bob Pierce, July 29, 1994.

Bob Sestokas, Nov. 26, 1996.

Carl O. Benson, Feb. 13, 1997.

Chris Isaly, Feb. 7, 1997.

Chuck Krause, winter 1997.

Claire "Larry" Hatch, April 6, 1994.

Clarence G. Luedy, Feb. 13, 1997.

Clen Klinger, c. Dec. 10, 1996.

Dave Deschner and his mother, Nov. 7, 1996.

Dave Sinkele, July 5, 1996.

Dean W. Bricker, July 16, 1994.

Dick Newman, Oct. 6, 1995.

Don Flowers, July 3, 2000.

Don Jones, April 30, 1997.

Don Wissenbach, April 29, 1997.

Dorothy Curry, Aug. 29, 1995; Jan. 16, 1997.

Dorothy Keim, Aug. 25, 1994.

Earl Imler, May 30, 1996.

Edwin Isaly, Aug. 21, 1996.

Eleanor Groves, May 15, 1994.

Elizabeth Helmick, May 28, 1996.

Frank Dandrea, April 1, 1993.

Gaylord LaMond, Nov. 7, 1996.

George E. Aston Sr., July 21, 1997.

George Krohe, Oct. 28, 1992; July 9, 1993; Aug. 29, 1994; April 10, 1995; April 30 and Dec. 9, 1996; June 6, 1997.

Gil Maffeo, Feb. 25, 1997.

Glenn Fehr, April 18, 1997.

H. William Isaly, Sept. 7, 1995.

Harold Bricker, June 8, 1994

Harry Larabee, Jan. 31, 1995.

Helen Isaly Billings, Jan. 28, 1995.

Henry Clarke, January 7, 1997.

Homer Ron Campbell, July 9, 1994.

James Deily, May 29, 1996.

James Scheets, July 9, 1993.

Jay Deily, Jan. 17, 1995

Jean Moon, Aug. 21, 1996.

Joan Lutz and Peggy Woods, July 14, 1999.

John C. Metz, May 9, 1997.

John Isaly, Aug. 21, 1996.

John Weston, May 29, 1997.

Joseph and Dang Dunlevy, March 1997.

Julie Eisenstein, Sept. 25, 1997.

June Isaly, May 9, 1997.

June V. Isaly, May 9, 1997.

Kathy Scheets, Feb. 19, 1997.

Ken Tartler, May 3, 1995.

Lester Lowery, May 24, 1995.

Lionel Trebilcock, Feb. 7, 1997.

Lou Mitchell, Jan. 24, 1997.

Margaret Isaly Herrmann, Jan. 28, 1995.

Margie DeArmit, Jan. 24, 1997.

Marian Isaly Schulz, Jan. 12, 1996.

Mary Dybowski, Dec.13, 1993.

Mohammed Saleem, Aug. 5, 1994.

Nick Diulus, April 5, 1993.

Paul Clever, fall 1992.

Paul Sofaly, June 22 and Aug. 5, 1994.

Penny Isaly Logan, Feb. 6, 1997.

Peter Argentine, April 1993.

Ralph McAfee, Jan. 9, 1995.

Ray Luty, April 7, 1992.

Rev. Robert Bricker, July 16, 1994.

Richard S. Van Cleave [son], Aug. 1, 1997.

Rita Stewart, Oct. 30, 1996.

Robert Digby, May 14, 1997.

Ron Totin, Sept. 3, 1996.

Samuel D. Isaly, Feb. 19, 1992; April 3, 1997.

Thad Merriman III, Feb. 22, 1997, April 17, 1997.

Tom Knight, August 1996.

Tom O'Grady, Margaret Kane Latsko O'Grady, Jack Latsko, and Niki Latsko, July 8, 1994.

Virginia Bigger, June 2, 1994.

William R. Isaly, Feb. 3, 1992; Aug. 26, 1994.

Wilma Wissenbach, July 9, 1993.


4 Books

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5 Official documents

Agreement of Merger and attached papers, Swiss Maid Stores, Inc. of Mansfield; The Mid-Ohio Realty Co.; and Idee Oil Co., Inc., into The Isaly Company, Dec. 21, 1970, signed by W.R. Isaly, pres. of the three merging, and H. William, pres. of The Isaly Company. Swiss Maid was incorporated March 23, 1962, and Mid-Ohio Realty on June 22, 1962. The New Wilmington Cheese Co. merger is only present in Articles of Merger with Pennsylvania, Dec. 22, 1970.

Amendment to Articles of Incorporation, The Isaly Dairy Company, Youngstown, April 7, 1939, signed Chas. Isaly, president, and S.D. Isaly, secretary.

Annual Statement of Proportion of Capital Stock, Jan. 31, 1978, on file with the Ohio Secretary of State, indicates that in 1977, the company's total business transacted was $27.8 million, with $1.7 million in Ohio, and that there were 445,230 authorized and issued shares.

Application for License under Ohio Foreign Corporation Act, The Isaly Dairy Company of Pittsburgh, May 18, 1939, for permission to operate stores in Ohio, scheduled to begin operating June 1, 1939, signed Henry W. Isaly, treasurer.

Appointment of Agent papers, Jan. 13, 1930, on file with the Ohio Secretary of State.

Articles of Amendment, The New Wilmington Cheese Co., filed May 13, 1943.

Articles of Incorporation of Isaly Dairy Products, Inc., subscribed to Feb. 9, 1933, by S.D. Isaly (president), W.H. Paulo, and G.S. Heck. Consent to use a similar name was given by The Isaly Dairy companies of Marion, Youngstown, and Mansfield.

Articles of Incorporation, Chief Dairy, Jan. 28, 1926. (Records at the Ohio Secretary of State indicate the company was previously incorporated in 1917 and dissolved in 1922.)

Articles of Incorporation, Idee Oil Co., Inc., March 24, 1934, signed by Samuel Isaly, W.H. Paulo, and J. Paul Jones.

Articles of Incorporation, Isaly Dairy Stores, Inc., June 29, 1932.

Articles of Incorporation, Isaly's Inc., Nov. 12, 1935, signed Henry R. Isaly, Charles H. Isaly, and Sam D. Isaly (notary W.E. Isaly). Consent to use the name was given by The Isaly Dairy Company, The Isaly Dairy Company of Mansfield, Isaly Dairy Products, and by The Isaly Dairy Company, Youngstown. Amended two days later.

Articles of Incorporation, Mansfield Pure Milk Company, Jan. 23, 1904, signed R.W. Hartman, W.L. McCullough, John Dillon, Marion Mann, and William Carter.

Articles of Incorporation, The Isaly Dairy Company [Youngstown], March 23, 1918, signed by William G. Henne, G.W. Henne, Walter Henne, Chas. Hoffman, William Isaly, Jesse E. LaDow, Edwin S. Nail.

Articles of Incorporation, The Isaly Dairy Company, Marion, signed July 22, 1914, by William Isaly, Chester C. Isaly, William G. Henne, George W. Henne, and Jesse E. LaDow.

Articles of Incorporation, The New Wilmington Cheese Co., April 20, 1938, directors S.D. Isaly, W.H. Paulo, Henry W. Isaly.

Articles of incorporation, Isaly's Creamery Products (former Schlosser's Creamery Products), filed with the Indiana Secretary of State April 16, 1936, revoked Jan. 1, 1970, for failure to file annual reports. Only citations remain: all documentation has been lost.

Articles of incorporation, The Isaly Dairy Co. of Pittsburgh, Sept. 24, 1929, signed Harry N. Bricker, Chester C. Isaly, and Henry W. Isaly.

Articles of Merger, Isaly Dairy Stores, Inc., Sept. 9, 1968.

Certificate By Shareholders (and related documents) to dissolve Isaly Dairy Products, Inc., June 30, 1972; H. William Isaly, president and director, Robert Fischer, secretary, treasurer, and director; and George Krohe, vice-president and director. H. William was also the sole shareholder.

Certificate for Dissolution and attached papers, Isaly's Inc., March 10, 1954, signed by W.R. Isaly, president, treasurer, and director, and H.E. Rickard, secretary. Other directors were Paul H. Isaly, Henry W. Isaly, and Walter Paulo.

Certificate of Amendment, Isaly's Inc. [Columbus], March 16, 1937, signed Charles Isaly, pres., and Walter E. Isaly, sec.

Certificate of Amendment, Isaly's Inc. [Columbus], Oct. 22, 1942, signed by S.D. Isaly, vice pres., and W.E. Isaly, secretary.

Certificate of Authority (and attached papers), The Hanover Klondike Company, Inc., March 20, 1978 (because it was incorporated in Delaware, Feb. 16, 1978).

Certificate of Dissolution, Chief Dairy, July 7, 1934, signed L.J. Spellerberg, C.F. Beardsley, William Olpp, and Karl W. Betz.

Certificate of Increase of Capital Stock Before Organization issued for The Isaly Dairy Company, Youngstown, May 15, 1918.

Certificate of Increase of Capital Stock, Mansfield Pure Milk Company, Jan. 9, 1909. William Isaly is finally listed as President in these papers.

Certificate of Increase of Capital Stock, Mansfield Pure Milk Company, Sept. 14, 1920.

Certificate of Increase of Capital Stock, Marion, Sept. 28, 1914.

Certificate of Subscription, Mansfield branch, March 25, 1918, that the books be opened for subscriptions to the capital stock of that company. Consent to use the name was granted by The Isaly Dairy Company of Marion.

Christian Isaly's passport, on which Christian is spelled three ways: Christian, Chretien, and Cretien.

Many trademarks (i.e., designs) were secured by Isaly's, including Cut-Tub Butter in 1932; Chocolate Bubble Brick in 1934 (the letters to "bubble" in circles); Jiffy Package in 1935; and Boulevard for coffee and potato chips in 1948 (claiming use since 1931). A Klondike mark was filed in 1948, claiming use since Jan. 1, 1928; also filed in 1948 was a mark for Wonder Bar for chocolate coated sherbet bars, claiming use since 1945.

Plan and Agreement of Merger (separate versions on file with the Ohio and Pa. Secretaries of State), by and among The Isaly Dairy Company of Pittsburgh, The Isaly Dairy Company (Youngstown), The Isaly Dairy of Mansfield, and The Isaly Dairy Company (Marion), Nov. 10, 1966, signed W.R. Isaly, president of all four corporations. For the actual merger approval, see Articles of Merger (on file with Pa. Secretary of State), of The Isaly Dairy Company (Youngstown, Ohio), The Isaly Dairy Company of Mansfield Ohio, and The Isaly Dairy Company (Marion, Ohio) into The Isaly Dairy Co. of Pittsburgh, Dec. 8, 1966.

Resolution of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation, The Isaly Dairy Co., Marion, Feb. 16, 1935, signed S.D. Isaly, pres, and Grace Hahn, sec.

Swiss Maid Stores, Inc., of Mansfield was incorporated March 23, 1962, but no record of this exists except a mention in Agreement of Merger, Swiss Maid Stores, Inc. of Mansfield; The Mid-Ohio Realty Co.; and Idee Oil Co., Inc., Dec. 21, 1970.

Trade Name Registration, Isaly's Deli and Ice Cream, June 18, 1985, signed Thomas D. Humphreys, applicant, for "Sale of beer, wine, and food." Its file with the Ohio Secretary of State indicates it was cancelled by operation of law, July 20, 1990.

U.S. Patent 2,016,861 applied for Aug. 27, 1934, and granted Oct. 8, 1935, lists Samuel Jennings, Jr., as the inventor of what is now called the Skyscraper scoop.

U.S. Patent 2,149,513 by Jennings for manufacturing refrigerator plates.

Youngstown Certificate of Increase, Feb. 22, 1934 (and accompanying Amendment to Articles of Incorporation, March 10, 1934), which expanded the branch's purpose to include operating stores and acquiring property.


6 Deaths, obituaries

"Chester Isaly Dies Suddenly," The Mansfield News, March 23, 1931.

"Chester Isaly Kills Himself in Dairy Plant," The Youngstown Vindicator, March 23, 1931.

"Chester Isaly Kills Himself," Tel. [unknown; assumed Youngstown], March 23, 1931.

"David J. Isaly Dies in Marion," The Youngstown Vindicator, Nov. 28, 1953.

"David J. Isaly, 35, Dies Unexpectedly," The Marion Star, n.d., 1953.

"Death Claims Jesse Isaly, Mansfield News-Journal, Oct. 9, 1943; "Jesse Isaly Dies In Mansfield Home," The Youngstown Vindicator, Oct. 10, 1943.

"H.W. Isaly, Dairy Firm Official, Dies," Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Aug. 12, 1961.

"Henry Isaly, President of Stores, Dies," Pittsburgh Press, Aug. 12, 1961.

"Henry R. Isaly Rite Wednesday," The Ohio State Journal, Columbus, April 28, 1936.

"Henry W. Isaly Dies; Headed Dairy Firm," The Youngstown Vindicator, Aug. 12, 1961.

"Isaly Chain Chief Dies," Mansfield News-Journal, Aug. 12, 1961.

"Ruhland Isaly Found Dead In Hotel," Mansfield News-Journal, Feb. 24, 1952.

"Ruhland Isaly is Found Dead," The Youngstown Vindicator, Feb. 24, 1952.

"Samuel D. Isaly Succumbs In Phoenix; Stricken Oct. 6," The Youngstown Vindicator, Dec. 4, 1946.

"Samuel Isaly Dies In West," Mansfield News-Journal, Dec. 5, 1946.

"William Isaly Dies Tuesday At Hospital," Mansfield News, Aug. 21, 1923.

Editorial, Samuel D. Isaly's passing, The Youngstown Vindicator, Dec. 5, 1946.

Eugene Isaly obituary (father of William) in Richland Shield and Banner, Feb. 24, 1899

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Obituaries, Thomas A. Isaly, The Pittsburgh Press, Feb. 16, 1985, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Feb. 16, 1985.

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Obituary, Robert Denk [Bard's executive], July 9, 1994.

Obituary, Thaddeus Merriman Jr., Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dec. 3, 1993.

Obituary, Walter Paulo, The Youngstown Vindicator, Dec 12, 1984.


7 Articles

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8 Miscellaneous

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According to Isaly Family Reunion 1995: descendants of William Eugene Isaly and Louisa Katherine Luedy Isaly, prepared by Samuel D. Isaly, of the eight grandparents of William and Katherine Luedy Isaly, six were probably born in Canton Berne (the other two in nearby Alsace). Carl Marty, referred to in a caption, was married to Verena Isely, born Dec. 25, 1861, but she is descended from what is called the Wisconsin branch of the Iseli family (for more, see the Iseli worldwide family website). Her sisters were Rosina Isaly Rufer and Magdalena Isaly Ritschard, all of whom lived in Monroe, Wisc., as of a Jan. 1965 program celebrating Verena's 103rd birthday the month before. In 1962, they held a family reunion in Wisconsin for descendants of Christian and Verena Beunker Isely: "Of the 14 children of the early pioneers, four are living with William Isely, 82, the youngest. Mrs. Carl Marty Sr., Monroe, is the oldest [100]," as per, "Isely Farm Setting for Family Reunion Program Next Sunday," n.s. [assumed Wisconsin], July 12, 1962. Carl Marty was also a cheese industry pioneer, and according to "Cheese Industry Art," Milk Products Journal, Jan. 1962, after retirement, he painted 600 cheese making scenes in oils, some distributed by The Swiss Colony, Monroe, Wis.

Akron city directory, 1939.

AMEX press release April 30, 1984, announcing Isaly's Common Stock offered for trading.

An Aug. 29, 1988, letter from James Mohler, Summerville, S.C., to the Isaly Klondike Co., in the collection of H. William Isaly, states that Mohler's father Jay was manager of the farm from 1933 to his death in 1942, when Mohler's uncle John Burkhart was named manager. Mohler's envlope indeed has the farm logo and his father listed as superintendent. An attempt to contact Mohler was unsuccessful.

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Extensive research was done by Linda Isaly Coughlin and Ellen Stoll Isaly on Swiss genealogy, and their 1985 Report on the Swiss Family Iseli, detailing their trip to Walkringen, where Christian lived, was very helpful. They also believe Verena's last name should be Zwygart, and not Fream as reporrted on the 1983 family tree. Rev. and Mrs. Bricker also provided a baptismal record they unearthed on a visit to Switzerland.

Family tree and chart listing 1414 descendants (256 with some version of the name Isaly) of Christian and Verena/Verona Fream Isaly prepared for a 1983 family reunion by Patricia Isaly Fulakis and Ellen Stoll Isaly. (It's believed that Verena's name was mistakenly misspelled Verona in a translation of the original document.) William and Louisa had a fifth son, George, who died before the dairy companies were formed.

For more on Immune Milk, see the FDA web page <>.

For recent ice cream statistics, see this page (sponsored by Good Humor-Breyers) <>

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In Switzer Twp., the tombstone of Christian's daughter Salome (died Sept. 9, 1884) spells the name "Isale."

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Switzer Township has been called Little Switzerland, but a number of other places also claim to be Little Switzerland or the Switzerland of America, among them Sugarcreek and LaGrance, Oh.; Ouray, Colo.; Berne, Minn.; Covington, Ky.; New Glarus, Wis.; and Helvetia, W.V. For more on Helvetia, see Bruce Betler, "Bärg Käss: Cheesemaking among the West Virginia Swiss," Goldenseal, Spring 1994; and Elizabeth Putalik, "Swiss Guards," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Feb. 12, 1995. Also see "Ohio Swiss Cheese Industry Started in 1833, History Retold," The Butter, Cheese and Milk Products Journal, Jan. 1951.

The Eat'n Park Story: A Tradition of Innovation, Quality and Customer Service, a 3-page press release from which some of the early history is drawn.

The Isaly Dairy Story, an 11-minute film detailing the Mansfield branch, c. 1957. It is rumored that the Marion and Youngstown branches had similar educational films made, but no copies can be located.

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