Isaly's & Klondike Exhibit / Reunion
An Isaly's & Klondike exhibit debuted at the Pittsburgh Regional History Center on Saturday, July 14, 2001. Approximately 1,000 Isaly's employees, family, and customers enjoyed free ice cream, a Klondike car cruise, and reminiscing about Isaly's. For some photos, visit my Isaly's Reunion page. Below are some exhibit photos; visit the History Center web site for location, hours, etc.
NOTE: It is scheduled to close in Summer 2003.
Here are the artifacts being prepared in the History Center's "Clean Room."
On June 18, the exhibit cases began arriving. Here are some views of the History Center's Great Hall, which will accommodate the exhibit and a related play area.
The next day, museum staff was already busy installing artifacts. It is a time-consuming task, as the delicate objects must be placed so they are visually appealing and logically arranged.
Here's a 5-second look at the exhibit space.
Since the exhibit opened, lots of former employees and customers have visited. One from San Diego
said that so many locals have moved to southern Califormia that the Von's grocery chain there now
sells chipped ham! Here are a couple pictures of the exhibit from Doug Clewitt, grandson of Isaly's architect Clyde "Shooey" Schuemacher.
A 9-minute video produced by Rick Sebak of WQED-TV is part of the exhibit (see the above photo). A lot of filming was done at the West View Isaly's owned by Gail and Tom Weisbecker. Left, cameraman Frank Caloiero had just finished taping Gail chipping some ham; right, Rick watches as a Frosty Flip is prepared at the Irwin Isaly's.


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