Isaly's reunion
THere are some pictures from the Isaly's Employee Reunion at the Pittsburgh Regional History Center. Keep checking back for more. (Credits for loaned photos can be found here.)
Left: HSWP staffer Naomi Horner with Dorothy Hileman, whose husband ran an Isaly's for 30 years, and a friend.
Right: The three daughters and families of Isaly's Youngstown attorney John Paul Jones, an unsung key player in the company.
Left: cone experts Fred Pirello and Don Flowers with Brian. Right: a youngster tries out the plastic cow.
The Klondike bear mascot and Bruster's waffle cone guy "Scoops."
I've posted some pictures that reunion attendees generously loaned or donated - visit Signings II.
And check out the flyer for the Klondike Kruise. It's in PDF format, which most browsers come equipped to open, or click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 for free.


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