Isaly's & Klondike signings
I've wrapped up my signings for 2001, but here are some snaps from previous events.
My first signing was July 8, 2001, at the B&N in Boardman, Oh., where more than 100 people were waiting to talk about Isaly's!
Along with great stories and new information, Marie Doyle generously loaned her photos to scan for this site:
Marie Doyle's husband William started in the early 1930s. Here he is at the Midlothian store in 1935, and their son Robert on his first birthday in 1939.
On Wednesday, July 11, after waking up at 4 am to visit three morning radio shows, I signed at the downtown Pittsburgh B&N:
Good friends Constance and Shari. Niccole was nearby, and Allison took the pic.
Steve Oleksink visited the History Center and loaned these photos. His dad began delivering
for the Youngstown branch in 1937. That's Steve on his dad's truck - note the loose cases!
Skyscraper Cone Guy visits Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
The photo is by Sue Nichols - check out her 5 Cent Ride site of photos and paintings.

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