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SOCIETY FOR COMMERCIAL ARCHEOLOGY: oldest group dedicated to roadside architecture.
STACKPOLE: Click Travel & Regional to see the cool roadside books edited by Kyle Weaver.
ROADSIDE ONLINE: News updates from Roadside Magazine founder Randy Garbin.
THE AMERICAN ROADSIDE: Photos, musings, and lots of roadside news.
MOTELS OF THE SOUTHWEST: A poster of glowing neon signs from Douglas Towne.
JULIE'S TACKY TREASURES: A fun look at wacky things all around us.
ECCENTRIC AMERICA: A cool guidebook plus the new Eccentric California by Jan Friedman.
ROADSIDE ARCHITECTURE: Lots of images and stories from "Agility Nut" Debra Jane Seltzer.
ROADSIDE AMERICA: The guide to roadside attractions by the folks who wrote the book.
AMERICAN DINER MUSEUM: A permanent home is being established in Providence, RI.
CITY CLASSICS: cool architectural models include a diner, gas station, and mobile home.
5 CENT RIDE: Photos and watercolors of carnivals and more by Sue Nichols.
JOHN BAEDER: Superb artist of diners and other roadside attractions.
POSTMARKART: Artwork of Ken Turmel uses stamps and on-the-road postmarks.
JOHN MARGOLIES: Photographer and author of numerous roadside and pop culture books.
ROUTE 40: Frank Brusca's amazing site on Route 40 and lots more highway info.
MOTEL AMERICANA: Photos, postcards, and travelogs featuring classic motels.
THE LOST HIGHWAY: Constructions in Miniature by David Malcolm Rose.
ON THE ROAD: Kentucky's Roadside Commercial Architecture.
HOJO's: An amazing fan page for Howard Johnson's restaurants with lots of photos.
AMUSEMENT PARK NOSTALGIA: great research and photos of lost parks, many in PA and NJ.

GHOST TOWN PRESS: Jim Ross' cartography and photography of Route 66 and roadside culture.

LHA: The Lincoln Highway Association sponsors tours, conferences, and a magazine.

ROUTE 66 NEWS: Ron Warnick's up-to-the-minute news on the most famous 2-lane highway.

DAFE: Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts document and preserve amusement park thrills.

Heidi Ruby Miller's Pick Six: Great site to learn about authors, including a profile of me.

VINTAGE ROADSIDE: New t-shirts featuring authentic vintage graphics.

Mastercard Priceless Picks: Discovering Roadside Oddities by Brian Butko

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Books by Brian Butko: Fun Stuff Taken Seriously -
Photos and information from pop culture historian Brian Butko on the Lincoln Highway, diners, roadside attractions,
and Isaly's Dairy, inventors of the Klondike ice cream bar.
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