Related videos

I've been involved with a number of videos....
Pennsylvania Road Show - Written, produced, and narrated by Rick Sebak at WQED-TV. I talk about the Lincoln Highway and Ship Hotel while driving my Camaro convertible - since replaced by family transportation!
Pennsylvania Diners and other Roadside Restaurants - Another Sebak piece. I talk about the Historical Society's Serro's/Willow Diner and "dinors." I was also an associate producer, but as I did this as part of my Historical Society job, my role only shows up in the video credits, not the box! (Trivia note: watch my mustache disappear as we cut to a scene filmed a month later.)
Stuff That's Gone - I finally stayed behind the camera. I was an associate producer again for Sebak - see above.
Antique Autos - Orientation video for the Frick Car & Carriage Museum. A very good piece produced by Peter Argentine, with some great vintage footage. I talk about early roads.
Highway Hangouts - Two-hour History channel video. I'm interviewed at the Greater Pittsburgh Drive-In Theater just before it was destroyed.
American Eats - Two-hour History Channel video. I'm at the West View Isaly's talking about the Klondike bar. Don't blink: I'm on in about the last 30 seconds!
Lincoln Highway - A great 3-part report by Edward Fox for WHTM-TV Harrisburg. I'm in Breezewood at the Denny's Diner, a new factory-built restaurant.
PA Books: Lincoln Highway - An hour-long interview on Pennsylvania Cable Network about my first book.
PA Books: Diners of Pennsylvania - Another PCN interview, this one at Wolfe's Diner in Dillsburg with co-author Kevin Patrick.
Pennsylvania's Route 30, The Lincoln Way - Produced, written, and directed by Greg Petersen, WPSX-TV. An hour-long look at that famous road. I say a few things at the History Center where I work. Check out the stainless steel car on display.
Isaly's - An orientation video produced by Sebak for the History Center's Isaly's exhibit. I'm at the West View store again, but the focus is on the owners and interesting customers, and some of George Krohe's interview from the decade-old Things That Aren't There Anymore video. With open captioning by The Magic Lantern.
From Cow to Cone - This video accompanies the History Center's Kidsburgh area that includes an Isaly's counter. It visits Marburger Dairy, Reinholds Ice Cream, and Joy Cone. Produced by Pierina Morelli for WQED and On-Q.
Highway Hangouts III - Another History channel video. I'm interviewed at the Mayfair Diner in Philadephia.
Roadside Buildings and Other Unusual Stuff - Debuted on PBS July 11, 2004 - Another cool Sebak journey to roadside attractions. We make a brief appearance at Wigwam Village in Kentucky.

Inspiring Books

The books that inspired my writing and interests cover a wide range of styles and topics. Here are some that come to mind....

American Diner by Richard J.S. Gutman et. al.

California Crazy by Jim Heimann and Rip Georges

Centennial by James Michener

Dinosaur Beach by Keith Laumer

Dixie Before Disney by Tim Hollis

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Florida Dreams by Jerome Stern, photos by Gary Monroe

Florida Stories ed. by John and Kirsten Miller

Gas, Food, and Lodging by John Baeder

A Hoosier Holiday by Theodore Dreiser

Main Street to Miracle Mile by Chester H. Liebs

Much Depends on Dinner by Margaret Visser

Orange Roofs, Golden Arches by Philip Langdon

The Automobile and American Culture ed. by David L. Lewis and Laurence Goldstein

The End of the Road by John Margolies

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Highway as Habitat: A Roy Stryker Documentation, 1943-1955 by Ulrich Keller

The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

The Lincoln Highway: Main Street Across America by Drake Hokanson

The New Roadside America by Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, and Mike Wilkins

The Well-Built Elephant by J.J.C. Andrews

Tropical Deco by Laura Cerwinske, photos by David Kaminsky

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

And a couple from childhood....

The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

The Look of Cars by Henry B. Lent

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