Giant Paul Bunyan statues
Diners and their neon signs
Old gas stations and drive-in theaters
The Lincoln HighwayTrading Posts on and Route 66
And of course, macaroni and cheese at Isaly's Dairy stores

These are just some of the things I love to research and write about. My books have a common theme - to document people, places, and things that go mostly unnoticed by other historians.

I was a long-time board member of the Society for Commercial Archeology and still design and copyedit their Journal. I'm also a founding director of the Lincoln Highway Association. Weekdays you'll find me at the Senator John Heinz History Center where I edit Western Pennsylvania History magazine.

Any bookstore can carry or order my books, or find them online at Amazon.
Me at the 5-screen Greater Pittsburgh Drive-In Theater, along the Lincoln Highway in North Versailles, Pa., now the site of a Wal-Mart.


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