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Greetings from the Lincoln Highway:
America's First Coast-to-Coast Road
by Brian Butko
Hundreds of vintage photos and postcards from the 14 states along the route bring early travel to life, and guide today's traveler's to the best places to see. Maps show the routings between 1913 and 1928 with close-ups of cities.
Best of all, it features quotes from memoirs and postcards ­ some funny, many insightful. Everyone from Alice Ramsey (the first woman to drive cross-country) to Emily Post (her Etiquette book would come in 1922) to the author of The Long, Long Trailer wrote about their travels on the Lincoln Highway. Click here to see the catalog flyer.
My first book on the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania has been completely revised with 330 images - all different from the original edition - from old postcards to vintage photos to modern snapshots.
And coming soon, an all-new book with better maps and other tips in compact form: Lincoln Highway Companion.
Butko's easygoing, state-by-state account is a fun amble ... not overly nostalgic, yet indulging in remembrances of old diners and corny roadside attractions, like the Shoe House, a five-story building shaped like a work boot in Pennsylvania. Butko peppers the narrative with quotes from early 20th-century travelogues, and the inclusion of snapshots and old postcards establishes a chatty ambience.... [A] detailed and well-illustrated travel diary.
Publisher's Weekly
"Traveling the Lincoln Highway through the eyes, heart, and spirit of Brian Butko brings back an important part of America we yearn to keep, which this book does triumphantly with color, zeal, and fortitude."
John Baeder
Author of Diners, Sign Language, and Gas, Food, & Lodging
"A valid and important contribution to a growing body of works about this nation's most valued highways. Anyone who has an interest in open road travel and appreciates an objective examination of one of the country's most important transportation links needs to read Brian Butko's book. Bravo!"
Michael Wallis
Author of Route 66: The Mother Road
"The Lincoln Highway is America's most fascinating old road, and there's no better guide to discovering its magic than Brian Butko's wonderful book. "
Jamie Jensen
Author of Road Trip USA
"Effie Gladding, who crossed the Lincoln Highway in 1914, dedicated her book to the adventurous auto travelers of her time. Now Brian Butko has written a book for modern adventurers ­ take it with you in the minivan or the Honda and become one of Gladding,s lovers of the open road and the flying wheel.,"
Drake Hokanson
Author of The Lincoln Highway: Main Street across America
$39.95 HC * 11x 8-1/2 * 288 pages * 351 color & 54 b/w photos
* 15 color maps * Index & Bibliography * 0-8117-0128-X

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