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The Lincoln Highway: Pennsylvania Traveler's Guide
2nd Edition
by Brian Butko
Revised with updated text and 330 different images!
The Lincoln Highway was America's first coast-to-coast road, started in 1913 by men in the automobile industry. Because the government was not yet building roads, the plan was to connect and improve already existing roads. The Lincoln and the hundreds of named roads which followed inspired the highway numbering system, which ultimately made the named highways obsolete. Today, many old stretches of the Lincoln can be found away from big cities.
My first book was a mix of old images and a tour of what can still be found along the road. The 2nd edition -released in October 2002 - follows the same pattern but with 330 different illustrations. The original edition is now out of print. Many friends, including Marg & Wib Albright, Bernie Heisey, Cy Hosmer, Mike Pratt, and Russell Rein, graciously loaned their amazing postcards for the revised edition.
The first edition of the history/travelogue published in 1996 was a gem. This expanded edition is even better.
Mary O. Bradley, Harrisburg Patriot-News, March 2, 2003
The original, published 1996:
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